The fame of Jeannette West strongly increased troughout the years. As her style developed, the multitude of admirers grew parallel to her works. During each visit, the many visitors to her exhibitions write something laudatory, sometimes poetic in the guest book. The paintings appear to make many people happy.

The press also shows a great interest in the work of the Bornem artist since many years. Various journalists, including an increasing number of foreign ones, are interested in what one could call : " the return to the simplicity and the lasting beauty of nature "...

...which indeed is the philosophy behind the paintings. In spite of the age we live in, in spite of the hectic pace we adopted, and in spite of all our technical ingenuity : one simple little wildflower makes one forget about all that. Jeannette West's paintings offer the necessary peace to make us realise that we haven't got that far to look for " the genuine enjoyment ". After all, colourful flowers, real persons and animals in nature always deserve to be dwelled upon. They are the perfect painting of The Great Artist.

This is one of the reasons why the paintings of Jeannette are shown to advantage anywhere : in the attractive interior of restaurants in the ancient city of BRUGES, where the artist herself enjoys relaxing, but also in the cold-military environment of ten Belgian mine hunters from the 80's (Aster, Bellis, Dyantus, Krokus ...). After the Belgian authorities picked her out of a number of flower painters, Jeannette accepted the order of the Belgian naval forces to create ten paintings of flowers for each of the new ships - boats, as the navy calls them - that proudly bear their flower name.

Jeannette's paintings were spread in all layers of society, mainly because of the universal message they hold : they can be admired in dining rooms of ordinary people, making it nice and cosy when families gather. One can also find them in the high-tech offices of managers, providing a moment of peace in a stressful, competitive world. The paintings of Jeannette West are there for everybody. Her lasting bouquets, her extremely realistic reproduction of animals and her lifelike portraits are beautiful gifts, fit for any occasion.

Do not hesitate to contact the artist, should you have questions, particular wishes or should you want further information in regards to her masterpieces.